October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

It’s Narrow and Pity, 85% Uganda’s Pastors are Poor” says Pastor Jackson Senyonga.


The Christian Life Church Pastor Jackson Senyonga has today revealed that research a cross the country indicates that besides the Kampala metropolitan Pastors who are driving expensive cars, others pastors are too poor to the extent of failing to pay school fees for their children.
Senyonga said this while addressing the press conference at his church in Bwaise.
He noted the many  things happening in the country including murder, kidnaps, general crime and witchcraft .
“Some thing must be done to eradicate poverty Ugandans especially amongst pastors.
on 24 of September over 100,000 pastors are invited to come and pray against poverty, to have an improved well being” said Senyonga
“Am going to invest 140 million in research which is going to take 6 months and thereafter come up with the study paper work of how they can work in teams to start up businesses.
 “The project is expected to take over 40billion Shillings to uplift the pastor’s development across the country by starting up business like, Sacco, farm, industry, etc that can help to strengthen the pastor well being than focusing on church money, to the extent of individuals saying pastors are meant church as their resource”
This project is not only for balokole church but it’s also for other religions.
on that day we expect the president of the Republic of uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as the chief guest.
“It’s time for pastors to be helped, let them focus on business, church is not business but it’s things for preaching gospel, but some pastors think they can be developed direct from the church, No that’s why we decided to come  out and involve in Govt call of developing for all” Said Senyonga
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