It’s only prayer that can make things right not dialogue- Balimwezo


Nakawa division mayor Ronald Balimwezo says prayer is the only thing that will help to foster a peaceful transition of power and stop violent actions especially by security agencies that are on rampant in the country.
Balimwezo while on BBS terefayiina said that dialogue between political actors as organized by the Inter Religious Council of Uganda IRCU will not help since there is too much anger and hunger for power amongst the ruling National Resistance Movement NRM members and
yet president Museveni has failed to show his succssor.
In the same way the former Makindye west legislator Hussein Kyanjo said that IRCU organized dialogue can not help since the deep seated anger is among the public not leaders.
He added that president Museveni who is the center of the dialogue is not advisable thus he will trash whatever that will be brought on table by the opposition actors.
This while on NBS TV


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