By Kabuye Ronald

The outgoing Chief of Defense Forces CDF Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has revealed the need for the old breed of soldiers to give room for the young ones to take up army top leadership.

Gen. katumba made the remarks during the decoration ceremony of the newly promoted 13 army officials from the rank of colonel to General respectively.

General Katumba noted that since it’s every soldier’s dream to become a general, there is no need for the olds to keep in leadership position yet young soldiers have also been equipped with the necessary training.

“When I see the line of young blood coming assuming leadership, I feel very proud that the likes of us, Gen Tumwine, and I we have brought the army this far. If we give way we shall leave the army in formidable hands, let’s give room to these young people.

I want to encourage my successor to focus more on training because it’s one of the things that has made us different.” Said Katumba

 He also cautioned the newly promoted soldiers and others given various appointments to stay focused, committed and ready to face the big tasks ahead since they will be judged more by their deliberations.

In the same way the incoming Chief of Defense Forces CDF who was also decorated with the rank of General David Muhoozi rubbished the assertion by various people that president Museveni is preparing the young people in the army to take up the leadership of the country.

He said that promotions and appointment in the army is part of the fabrication of the force and the responsibility of finding that is fit lies on the commander in chief that’s the president of the country.

“We have this rich mix of experience and shades of knowledge of those who participated in the gorilla war and those who joined after the bush war and these have been engaged in many campaigns here and abroad so they have also done their contribution.  It’s a mistake to say that history of this army starts and stops with a specific generation; i see no such motive in the calculations.” Said Gen. Muhoozi

 Assuming the office of the CDF at time when there are many scandals and scams in the army, Muhoozi warned to deal with all wrong doers and illegal dealers in the army ruthlessly.

“Scandals and scams are challenges of modernization and growth and besides we are not from heaven we are also part of the bigger society however the most important thing is having the capcity or methods of identifying such wrong doers and bringing them to book because we are a disciplined force.” Muhoozi added

Muhoozi also appealed to force especially those in the leadership positions not to be just mere paper pusher but rather committed and execute their duties diligently.

Meanwhile the minister of defense and veterans affairs Adolf Mwesigye applauded the force for making Uganda the safest place to stay in and invest in the world thus appealing to them to keep up with the pace.

 In the similar way Gen. Elly Tumwine reminded the decorated officers that it’s time for them to bear fruits since there many expectations from the public, army and the appointing authority.

Some of the decorated officers included Gen. David Muhoozi, Lt. Gen. Wilson Mbadi, Maj.gen. Joseph Musanyufu, Maj. Gen. Peter Elwelu, Maj. Gen Charles Lutaaya, Maj. Gen.Charles Otema Awanyi, Maj. Gen. Prossy Nalweyiso, Brag. Henry Matsiko, Col. Don William Nabasa  amo


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