It's Time To Tell Museveni Say Bye Bye". Tumukunde Tells The People Of Maracha

By Andrew Visper Rtd Gen Henry Tukunde who also the presidential candidate has asked the people of Maracha to vote out president Museveni and his National Resistance movement Government (NRM) because it has failed to deliver it's promises to the people. Tumukunde says that the NRM Government has lied to the people of northern Uganada specifically Westnile thus making the region lag behind in comparison to other regions of the country compared to south western Uganada.

It's Time To Tell Museveni Say Bye Bye". Tumukunde Tells The People Of Maracha
"It's the time with no excuse for the people of Westnile to say bye bye Mr. Museveni after 35 years of leadership with total poor service delivery yet they meant to eat on national cake" Said Tumukunde
The Museveni's years in power, corruption has steadily escalated with cases involving loss of colossal sums of Public money.
"The country loss of USD500m annually through corruption, high risk institutions identified include police, judiciary, public procurement and disposal function's, Public services, land administration, tax administration, national resources management and in the legisto" Said Tumukunde
Tumukunde continues telling his supporters of Westnile and assures them after giving him their votes it will be payed back by working on their issues such as, the 75 percent youth that are unemployed.
"Solving youth problems, trained for self employed, improving banking system, special attention for both elderly and people with disabilities. However 1.5million children per years will be solved because it's a problem for this country without proper program" Said Tumukunde
Today marks day two of Tumukunde's campaign in the Westnile having been to Nebbi, Pakwach and Zombo yesterday.