October 28, 2020
October 28, 2020

“It’s Totally Propaganda, I Disagree With those Saying M7′ Walk Is Evidence Of his Killings, It Has Advantage To Brain People” Said NRM Spokesperson


roger mulindwa NRM spokesperson
KAMPALA: The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Spokesperson Rogers Mulidwa has responded to the opposition jobless brotherhood who think that President “Museveni’s trekking is an evidence of strangle and killings that he make at time while coming in power.
Mulindwa who was speaking to this website www.pressug.com said that the president’s choice to ‘trek’ has a number of advantages especially to the youth.
he says  many ugandan’s seem not to have historical of their own country as much we do history of other countries out side Uganda.
However, I think we need to document more of our own history. For example How did NRM came into power?. What do you understand by bush war?. So what president goes back to walk through the areas Fought from he does
 ”One’ He (President) interact with the war victims, greetings and saying “our friends it has been so long without see and talk after all you back. Two’ Able to access the development in the area and access areas that need more attention in terms of service.Three’ it’s very important and helpful to the young people/brain people enough to document the history of the country, which is very very important. So for some to look at it in different angle that the ‘trekking’ is intended to remind us the killings and every thing, “of cause every body knows that the strangle brought this Government in power, it’s not just come like that, there was blood shade, people sacrifice their own property. I think Government can’t afford to give back to them, those are there but good a chance by the end of it they get time for peace” Said Mulindwa
He added that let’s think, that we used to be between the Independence and 1986 where every after stretch a year would be an insecurity in the country but right as am speaking the country has enough security from boarder to boarder.
“Yes our brothers and sisters lost their life to liberating our country but at least we can proudly say that the NRA/NRM Government strangled as given us peace” Mulindwa Said
My advise; The problem we we have in the country today, many people they try to position them selves for recognition and they are doing that by making attacks to the president, his personality, so some people are after recognition that’s why they intended to throw such statements as well as comparing to the presidential trekking. “Of which I think to me time come for them to say what they wanted to say and leave them for their ideas but continue (President) doing the right thing after all they will discover and agree with him” he adds
What’s Mzee’s Walk Mean?
Mulindwa; You know people failed to understand, the president Mr. Museveni the president and at moment of Museveni who might be presidential candidate tomorrow, even tho’ people looking for future  and they must understand where we was and where we are because the country has the head of state, the president and in our culture we have a saying (Okuliraana Omukulu Atadiza). So if the president goes out to meet his people and he doesn’t have any single token to his people that wouldn’t be a good president.
“What the president doing in his capacity as the ‘head of state is the right thing and for us could encourage him to do that, when the campaign time comes in people would say during campaign no donation (law states) and even president will not make any donations (as presidential candidate) because when he donates people but some people doesn’t donate in money, some donates through song and stage a concert for more than 500 million, I had people singing should we say that they are bribe? We don’t need to lower politics to that extent. Mulindwa explain
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