Jack Pemba Is BlackMailing Me With The s*x tape Says Honey Suleman


This are getting heated up in the Jack Pemba camp following a hot s*x tape that was released by the tycoon to allegedly extract money from his lover Honey Suleman.

In the s*x tape  Honey Suleman is seen wiggling her waist on top of a naked man with her entire body left in the open for all to see.

At first she is facing the man, the later she faces the wall while wiggling in utmost sexual pleasure.

Speaking about the s*x tape, Suleman said that she won’t be paying anyone to hold back the tape much less Pemba.

She said; Like I said before I am not paying anyone any amount of money for your blackmails. You can release the second video as well am not paying anyone 5000usd for videos we made out of love. My family is not paying anything. So Jack Pemba feel free to release the second video as well. You won’t have anything else to black mail me with. Am a strong woman.”

We will keep you posted.


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