Jaden Smith to Be Honored at Environmental Media Awards for His Leadership in the Eco-Community


Jaden Smith is being recognized for his efforts in taking on environmental issues.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s 18-year-old son will be presented with the Male EMA Futures Award (alongsideShailene Woodley) at the Environmental Media Association’s 26thAnnual EMA Awards on October 22 for his leadership and action in the eco-community.

President of EMA, Debbie Levin, said in a statement, “We are so honored to be able to share with the global public this inspiring young voice for environmental issues and sustainability. Jaden is a true activist and role model that can authentically lead his generation to a more thoughtful and conscious future.”

She continued, “Taking action and creating a movement sharing his vision of water stewardship, forestry and plant-based solutions with the goal to decrease the level of greenhouse gas emissions can influence billions. We couldn’t be happier to present Jaden with the Male EMA Futures Award.”

Thus, they organization is very excited to present Jaden with the honor. “We are so grateful for his innovation, for his commitment to preserving our earth and for the powerful example he is setting for not only his generation, but for all of us, to take action,” she concluded.

One of Jaden’s biggest commitments to bettering the environmentis through JUST water, an impact business venture that is changing the bottled water model by rethinking how it’s sourced, delivered and consumed.Jaden Smith, MET Gala 2016, Inside Party Pics, Exclusive

“It’s important for everyone to know that you can make a difference no matter what obstacles you think are in your way,” Jaden said of the venture. “After seeing the amount of ocean pollution and the effect it was having on marine wildlife, I couldn’t stand there and do nothing about it—I knew I had to take action.”

He continued, “By packaging water in bottles made from paper and plant-based plastic, JUST water is reducing the amount of harmful greenhouse emissions while helping to preserve the environment. With the Male EMA Futures Award, our voices are being amplified and we’re making a difference. Having the support from an organization that shares the same values as me makes the future more optimistic than ever.”

The EMA Awards recognize and honor environmental pioneers who embody the commitment and leadership to raise awareness of environmental issues. They will take place on October 22 at the Warner Bros. studio in Burbank, Calif.


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