By Mukose Arnold Anthony
For over 5 years most Ugandan politicians both in opposition and the ruling NRM have been facing the wrath of the notorious youth activism group through coloring piglets and piglet heads which they throw and take to various places where they want the message to get which has overwhelmingly brought about their popularity both on the international and local scenes.

When someone talks about the jobless brotherhood, what comes in peoples’ mind are the yellow piglets to the extent of calling all the group members/associates piglets. As we post now, has learn t that the group is soon changing from TJB (The Jobless Brotherhood) to TA (The Alternative). The group is not only planning to rebrand but also has secured an office at MM plaza room

When learn t of the claims, contacted the group’s national coordinator Norman Tumuhimbbbise for the comment and confirmed our information.    “Its true we are re branding from the jobless brotherhood to the Alternative not because we’re employed now but we’re looking forward for a bigger visionary struggle that can compass all people regardless of their status” Tumuhimbise confirms.

He says that, they are now looking at building a strong and relevant activism group which will even produce 2021 political leaders. “We’re not forming a political party but we are at how we can give non-partisan leadership skills for future leaders because its our duty as the youths to build our tomorrow which begins now and today”. Norman highlights.

“I don’t know who leaked this inform to the media but its indeed true and it has taken and still taking us time and resources because Ugandan pro-NRM propagandists have been spreading useless and false claims that we (TJB) act as NRM pigs’ spy, I don’t and have never admired NRM spies because are in a more worrying state than we are in”. Tumuhimise attacks.
Apparently the jobless brotherhoods have figures like Norman Tumuhimbise, Robert Mayanja, and Augustine Ojobile among members.


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