Jose Chameleone Bewitched Me Says Qute Kaye Will Getting Saved At Rubaga Miracle Centre.


Faded Ugandan musician Qute Kaye has been reborn.

Famous for his single, “Ginkese”, Kaye has decided to turn away from his sinful ways and give his life to Jesus Christ.

He made the life-changing decision on Thursday as he sought salvation at renowned Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church, Rubaga Miracle Centre.

This happened at the ongoing crusade by Pr. Kayanja dubbed “77 Days of Glory”.

The singer revealed that his hunger for fame and money had led him to do despicable things including visiting shrines and witch doctors where he made sacrifices.

I don’t think that there is any witchcraft that can be used by witch doctors to bewitched HIV/AIDS. I have read some statements on social media and wonder how my fellow Ugandans reason. We all know that Qute Kaye is sick but people have started circulating the rumors that he was bewitched by some artistes and unfortunately Dr. Jose Chameleone was mentioned among those people that were behind Kaye`s sickness

He was known for the hitsong “Ginkese” which was like an anthem of sorts in his hey days. The singer is not the only secular artist to have given up his past ways. “Emeese” singer Captain Dollar is among the secular artistes who have so far received Christ at the crusade.

The crusade comes to a close this weekend. American gospel star Todd Dulaney of the “Victory belongs to Jesus” fame is expected to perform with his band in the closing three nights.


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