Journalist, free Nambooze Crusaders arrested at parliament, detained at cps


one of the free Nambooze crusaders youth Yasin Galiwango being bundled on the police patrol car at parliament

By Ronald Kabuye and Mukose Arnold Anthony
Police at parliament led by its Commander Anabel Nyiramahoro has arrested salt media and pressug journalist Mukose Arnold Anthony for covering free hon. Nambooze Crusaders who had taken a petition to the speaker of parliament Rt Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga but they too were also arrested and detained.
Mukose was later released  without any charges referred against him though they kept telling him that he was arrested on a count of criminal trespass.

“Members at parliament thanks i have been released  after Anabel Nyiramahoro ordering for my arrest for taking establishment short of the august house main gate while covering the youths who had stormed parliament to present their petition to the speaker over Hon Nambooze’s health.
Though she claimed trespass but I have been released with no charges. However the woman is arrogant to the extent of abusing people though not me who have appointment with the legislators, something should be done otherwise i have experienced what Mp visitors go through (treated with no respect)” read Mukose’s message in parts.
In the same way police arrested four youths who stormed  Parliament this morning demanding for the unconditional release of the Mukono Municipality Legislator Betty Nambooze.

salt media and pressug journalist Mr. Mukose Arnold Anthony file photo

Those arrested include Forum for Democratic change national secretary for labour and pension Mr. Habib Buwembo, Kabowa 1 councillor Mr. Juma Lubega Kabotongo, Mr. Ggaliwanga Yasin and Mr. Magom Chris lucky are now being held at CPS in Kampala over public nuisance.

These youths who used parliamentary avenue to access the august main gate with a petition had tough engagements with police.

“We are here to present petition to the speaker Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga whom we have an appointment with over her staff Hon Nambooze who seemed neglected” Mr. Buwembo informed police.

After the arrest of Buwembo and Kabotongo other group members continued to vow not to retreat unless the honorable is given justice which prompted police to pick and dump the on the parked truck.

“They will arrest all of us but unless the lady is given what deserve her, we won’t retreat because according to KCCA officials, Kiruddu isn’t worthy a treatment facility now why treat a person at the level of a honorable at such a place” Mr. Ggaliwango shouted.

However according to the CPS Kampala police OC afande Joseph Bakaleke Gwaidho, the suspects are to be charged with public nuisance after having even blocked traffic of other road users

“Yes we have them and we might probably charge them with public nuisance because they have even blocked the road hindering other road users to enjoy the movement” Afande  Bakaleke noted.

In the same way opposition leaders led by the opposition Chief whip in parliament Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has announced that tomorrow on Tuesday it will take Nambooze from Kiruddu hospital back to her home since there is no proper medication and treatment being administered on her.

Hon. Nambooze was arrested and detained at nagalama police station two weeks back on allegations of offensive communication and inciting violence in relation to slain Arua municipality legislator Hon Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother who also doubled as his body guard Saidi Bugu Kongo assassination on their way back home at kawanda Matugga wakiso district before she was rushed to Kiruddu hospital when her health detoiriated and apparently security organs are keeping a 24 hour surveillance on her.

In the same way Court last week allowed police to confiscate phones, tablets and computers belonging to the Mukono Municipality legislator.
Nambooze’s lawyers led by Erias Lukwago also petitioned the Uganda Human Rights Commission to order for her immediate release so she can fly for further medical review which they did but police is adamant to implement the order.

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