June 7, 2020
June 7, 2020

Journalist Meddie Nsereko eats big as KCCA approves only three out of five division area land committees


Ssebuliba Nsereko Medie addressing the media after being approved. Photo by Mukose Arnold Anthony

By Mukose Arnold Anthony

KCCA approves only three out five division area land committees, Journalist Meddie Nsereko approved as Kawempe nominees chased away.

The political wing of Kampala Capital Authority has on Wednesday morning approved fifteen division land Committee members amidst reactions of incompetence of some nominates from Kawempe.

Among the approved members include; Central Division will be chaired by Mr.  Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba CBS’s Kiliza oba gaana talk show host and a resident of Old Kampala, alongside Ms Kabalungi Elizabeth from Nakasero I, Mr. Lukwago Yusufu from Nakasero II. Mr. Ajju Daniel Odongo and Mr. Kahumuza Sally as members.

Makindye Division shall be chaired by Mr. Ochieng Dambyo, alongside members including; Hajji Twaha Lukwanzi, Ms Naluwooza Christine, Mr. Mukasa Mathias and Nalongo Kawenja. The council has further approved Owek. Sewava Sserubiri as the committee chairperson and Mr.  Kinobe Dennis, Ms. Birungi Sylivia, Ms Teddy Nassuna and Mr. Bugobe Fred as members.

However, the special council siting careered the Kawempe division nominations on grounds of incompetence and failure to fill up a five member committee.  According to Section 65 (1) (c) of the 1998 Land act provides that; in the case of the chairperson, he or she is able to speak and write English.

The only four out of five members from Kawempe including Dr. Kalyemenya Martin Wagaba nominated as the Chairperson, Mr. John Bosco Mayinja, Mr. Kalumba Adam and Mrs. Namusoke Mary as members have been rejected for failure to appear in person for vetting and this called for suspicion from councilors, that they could be having forged papers.

Section of KCCA Councillors in a heated session. Photo by Mukose Arnold Anthony

“According to section 65(1)(e) requires us to nominate and approved a chairperson of the committee with knowledge and experience in matters relating to land but we can’t approve somebody whom we are not seeing and hasn’t spoken to us, what if he is having Nasser processed papers” Ms. Alice Amony, Nakawa 1 Lord councilor urged.

“What if they can’t speak and write as per provision 65 (1) (c) of the land act? This is unacceptable but also, the committee is less by one person and yet we are approving a committee not individuals” Mr. Okello Kennedy noted in objection to the nominees.

When asked as to why Nakawa hasn’t submitted in the nominated list, the duo said that, they don’t want to nominate members who will promote land conflicts that is why, they have decided to scrutinize the names of applicants before forwarding them to lord council.

In defense, Kawempe division mayor Emmanuel Sserunjoji Ow’eddembe has told journalists that, they can’t nominate people they don’t have, that is why they came up with the rejected nominees.


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