Journalist Ndaula to sue IGP kayihura over torture, rejects 400m offer


By Mukose Arnold Anthony

After being released on bail on Monday, veteran investigative journalist Stanley Ndaula has lashed at the the Uganda police chief Kale Kaihura over the psychological torture he went through while in different detentions Which has informed his decision to drag IGP in the courts of law.

In an exclusive interview with, Ndaula who seemed weak said that he will not be discouraged despite several failed attempts by Ugandans to drag the IGP.

“Someone who attempted to drag the IGP in Makindye court died abruptly in a week time, but for my case I was detained for more than 48hours he thinks he has a lot of powers even Ugandans think so but I won’t stand the psychological torture I went through, I used to tell you that this war is personal and you thought I was lying but even when court ordered for my unconditional release, Kaihura ordered his men not release me. I have instructed my lawyers to file a suit against him since I have that right as a Ugandan” Ndaula said.

When asked whether he is ready to dialogue or negotiate with the IGP, bitter Ndaula revealed that at one time the police chief had a chance to do back then  when he reported to him officers like Nixon and the late Kawesi’s mischief but failed.

Ndaula asserted that though he hears rumours that Kaihura has reserved over 400Mshs offer to him but human freedoms are never negotiable thus he is not ready to dialogue unless if the meeting is in Kaihura’s office not at his home like his messengers claim.

“True I have received messages from IGP with an offer of 400Mshs to negotiate and even when I was in detention, he used this opportunity to push me to the wall for dialogues at his home but I declined because this is not personal though may be in his offices with the media around or in public place, but I’m not ready for such talks may be he should use other avenue” Ndaula said.

He says that several diplomatic asylum visas have been offered to him but he has been dropping the offers claiming that journalism is a calling and Uganda is his only home where he can’t just run away.

“Though several offers of diplomatic asylum visas have been given to me by the international community, but I have declined to such offers because becoming a journalist was a calling which I cant just let go and besides Uganda is my only home” Ndaula  noted


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