By Ronald Kabuye
Despite the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe and chief registrar Paul Gadenya appeal to the judicial officers to abandon their sit down in demand for salary enhancement, allowances and vehicles to all judicial officers scheduled to start tomorrow Friday 25 to indefinitely, the Uganda Judicial Officers Association UJOA executive and president His worship Godfrey Kaweesa have insisted that the strike will commence.
In the communication sent by the UJOA president to members he warned to deregister all members who will not participate in the strike as it reads below.
“On the 22/07/2017, as per it’s mandate, UJOA convened an EOGM at the High Court. After candid deliberations members resolved to lay down their tools 30 days upon service of the said resolution on the executive  should it fail to comply with their genuine but humble demands.The same was served but hitherto, nothing tangible and acceptable has been proposed by government.

Accordingly, UJOA EXECUTIVE informs the general public and UJOA members that the Industrial Action SHALL COMMENCE this 25/08/2017.
During the Industrial Action,  members are guided as follows

1. All Judicial Officers, shall not attend to court work. For avoidance of doubt. Member shall not report to work.

2. Any member who violates this directive shall be deregistered. Industrial Action applies to all members.

3. All Judicial Officers, in possession of government property shall hand them over to the administration. All cars should be parked.

4. The Industrial Action is indefinate pending acceptable communication from the executive.

5. UJOA shall remain open to discussion at all times provided that the same shall promote the welfare of Judicial Officers.

UJOA President.” read message
In a letter dated 24th August 2017 to all judicial officers by Paul Gadenya the chief registrar said that their requests are currently before the judicial service commission and urged them to stay at work.
He further advised the they first exhaust all the negotiation steps available and the petition filed in the constitutional court before resorting to industrial action which should be the last resort


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