By Ronald Kabuye
The judicial officers under their umbrella body Uganda Judicial Officers Association UJOA have voted to suspend their sit down strike which has been on for a week now.
this While in their extra ordinary general assembly convened on Wednesday morning at the high court Kampala.
The judicial officers voted with consensus  to defer the industrial action to 11 December this year as they Monitor the short term promises and to effectively resume with work on Thursday.
They also adopted a proposal by  justice Wilson Musene Masalu which suggests that three quarters of appointments in the judiciary should come from the sitting judicial officers to ease their promotion.
The constitutional and justice affairs minister  Maj.Gen Kahinda Otaffire re-echoed his promise that in the mean time the executive has committed to improve their welfare by provide them with  transport(vehicle), security and office equipments which was part of their demands as they wait for the harmonised  salary pay across those in government services.
He also pledged to retable the Judiciary administration Bill to cabinet on Friday for final discussion to enable him table it to parliament by next week since the ministry of finance has issued a financial implication certificate of 16 billion shillings.
The said bill will make the Judiciary an independent arm of government hence enabling it to solve it’s own issues.

in the same way the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe appealed to the judicial officers to get back to work since a lot of strive has been made and a lot has been achieved.
Katureebe said its better they get to work has their leaders continue to negotiate with the executive since people are hurting yet it’s their duty to serve them adding that as judicial officers they should be sober, calm and handle the matter in an ordinary, measured and strategic manner but with force in it.

Earlier in the day, the UJOA President Godfrey Kaweesa appealed to the members to vote by consensus to defer the strike to a further specific date which they did.
He also requested the Chief Justice and the justice minister that UJOA  be represented on the Judicial service commission, judiciary advisory, administration and financial committees,   the permanent secretary to Judiciary to expedite the process of validating the Judiciary human resource menu which they developed and the president Yoweri Kagutta museveni to capitalise their SACCO with 30 billions among others.

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