By Ronald Kabuye
opposition Forum for Democratic change FDC has appealed to the Chief Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe to take action against judges who have failed to dispose off the election petitions and inquire into their work rather than issuing extension circulars.
Addressing a news conference at the FDC  party headquarters in Najjankumbi, the party deputy publicist Hon. Paul Mwiru said from the look of things the judiciary in working in discriminatory manner against the opposition since their petitions which happen to have been filed first are delayed while those from the ruling party National Resistance Movement NRM which came in last are handled first.
Mwiru warns that this mal administration in the judiciary may result into loss of trust in the judiciary especially by the oppressed’ voters hence resorting to mob justice.
“it’s lamentable that the election petitions   that were heard first have not been disposed off yet those that came last from NRM have been concluded, this will result into frustration to not only the petitioners but also the voters and in the end they will resort to mob justice.
The constitution calls for expeditious trial and as we all know justice delayed is justice denied, let the CJ inquire into these matters and take action rather than just issuing circulars.” said Mwiru who is also tussling with the current MP Nathan Nabeta in the courts of law for Jinja seat.

It’s important to note that Chief Justice Katureebe after the 2016 general elections gave the judiciary an ultimatum of six months to dispose off all the election petitions but after their elapse he issued another extension of a similar period and surprising he has issued a third similar period today Monday in the Uganda gazette.
Mean while FDC has set the 17th June as the day it’s National council will convene at the party headquarters in najjankumbi to discuss the status of the party, come up with a plan on how the national Delegates conference will be conducted in which the  elections for the party president will be held, discuss any proposed amendments before presenting them in NDC among others.
Mwiru also revealed that so far three people have expressed interest in the presidential seat though they are yet to pick the nomination forms.
These include the sitting president Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu,  the party secretary general Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi and hon. Patrick Amuliat Oboyi.
Commenting on the issue of their former legislator Hon. Beatrice Atim Anywar hosting president president Museveni as the guest of honor on her thanks giving party, Mwiru said that as the FDC party they ceased to have control over her the day she became independent.


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