By Kabuye Ronald

As kabaka subjects prepare to celebrate the 62nd birthday of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda mutebi II tomorrow at Buloba in wakiso district and Bulange Mengo where the dinner is to be hold, the motoring public has been cautioned on going against the traffic guidelines to be followed at the celebrations

The caution has been issued by the Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Police Commander Norman Musinga at the press conference while issuing the traffic guidelines.

According to the guidelines issued only VVIP’S, VIP’S, emergency vehicles and service vehicles with stickers will access the venue through Buloba, Nabukalu junction.

The general public including boda bodas going for the celebrations from Kampala side will turn right and from Mityana side will turn left at Kiwumu trading center, to karambi road continue to Bukasa round about, turn to the left at sentema road, Lukwanga trading center and turn on the left to Nabukalu road to the venue while those from Hoima road will access the venue through bukasa roud about to sentema Nabukalu road to the venue.

VVIPS, will park at the parking adjacent to the main hall, VIPS will park at Church ground and general public including boda bodas will park at the Nabukalu primary school.

Then in the evening of tomorrow still there will be diversion of traffic at Bulange Mengo along the following roads, Albert cook, Kabakanjagala, Bulange way Road, Kisingiri, Apollo Kivebulaya and ham mukasa only vehicles with stickers will access the venue for the dinner.

Musinga also warned against parking on the road side.

“ the public is advised not to park by the road side nut park in designated parking areas as will be directed by the traffic police, any vehicle parked along the road will be towed to the nearest police station at the owners inconvenience and cost” said Musinga

“Boda bodas are warned to avoid reckless riding and riding under the influence of alcohol since whoever contravenes the traffic rules and regulations will be charged accordingly.” Musinga added  

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