Kabaka attributes the immense corruption to Greed


By Ronald Kabuye
The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has appealed to all forces to join efforts in fighting the vice of corruption which he said has gravely affected all other vital fields.
The kabaka who was speaking at Lubiri Mengo during celebrations to his silver jubilee coronation attended by a mammoth of people and held under the theme: Youths are our future hope, noted with concern that corruption brought about by greed has stalled all efforts to enhance health, education and other services delivery thus lagging the development of the kingdom and the country at large.
“If greed is not wholeheartedly curtailed our country shall not develop but instead continue going to the dogs so I appeal to parents and leaders to educate our children about the disasters of greed and to curtail the corruption in the country.” said Kabaka
Kabaka also said that inequality in the country is the major driver of crimes in the country.
“We now have an island of wealth people surrounded by the lake of poor people and this is bad because it has brought about murders, thuggery, hate, kidnaps and other criminal acts” Said Kabaka
He further urged his subjects to stand firm in the fight against HIV/AIDS noting that the disease is now on an increase. He reminded his subjects especially the youths that aids is still around and still a major threat thus the need to remain very vigilant and to know their status.
The kabaka furthermore urged his subjects to revitalize cooperatives in abide to improve their livelihood through agriculture especially coffee.
The special guest also the Asantehene of Asante kingdom in Ghana said leaders in Africa must now redirect and guide their people in the path of development. He also noted that the common enemy for all people is poverty, ignorance and diseases which can only be fought by using education and embracing science and technology.Related image
Meanwhile the katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has attributed all the success registered in the last 25 years to unity, hard work, commitment accompanied by the good leadership of Kabaka Mutebi.
He also emphasized that if the federal system was in place the achievement would have gone up to 1000 times before appealing to Baganda to remain calm.
The presiding bishop for the seventh day Adventist Church in Pastor Samuel Kajoba Nsanja alluded to the fact that kingdoms and their leaders are established by God thus a need to thank Him and ask for his guidances always.
Kabaka, Asantehene, vice president Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Kyabazinga of Busoga Gabula William Nadiope first planted a monumental tree at Twekobe.


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