By Kabuye Ronald

His highness the kabaka of Buganda Fredrick Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has highlighted the need for quality education if the country is to have bright future.

His highness the kabaka of Buganda made the remarks on his 62nd birthday celebration at Lubiri High School Buloba compass under the theme Kabaka and education

Kabaka has also expressed concern over the recklessness and laziness amongst teachers, parents, Government and other players in the education sector in training, inspection of schools and provision of the necessities to the school and children which in the long run has hindered quality education thus a call for unit and togetherness in the betterment of the quality of education and in answering calls from the needy.

In the same way Kabaka awarded and appreciated the works four of his subjects and these  included Dr. Emmanuel Bijuugo Lumu who was the first health minister of Uganda, spear headed the construction of 22 hospitals in the country now aged 101 years , Mr. Thomas Makumbi aged 100 years who fought so hard for King Edward Muteesa’s return while in exile and was a member in the Namirembi conference the negotiated the king’ return, Mr.L. Darling Lubowa aged 89 years was a member of the London conference that guided Uganda’s constitution, former local government minister, first lukiiko speaker in the current Mutebi government, former judge of Buganda and head of Kisekwa court  and Bazilio Lukyamuzi aged 88 years he was  member of Kabaka yekka, Buganda’ representative in the National assembly who was kidnapped, tortured, repatriated and jailed by president Dr.Milton Obote while in exile in Nairobi.

In the same way Kabaka officially opened his school lubiri high school Buloba compass in Busiro County Wakiso district and a three floor building with 10600 seat capacities which he named after his late mother Nnamasolo Sarah Nalule.

He revealed that he did so his as a sign of emphasizing the importance of a Queen mother in the kingdom and education.

In the same way the Buganda premier Katikiro Charles peter  Mayiga on behalf of Buganda, Uganda and his family congratulated and thanked God for enabling Kabaka to reach his  62nd birthday before giving the historically importance of such days that are celebrated and commemorated in the kingdom.

Meanwhile the Orthodox archibishop Metropolitan Yonah Lwanga reminded the Kabaka and nation to always first seek God’ guidance in everything they do.

These celebrations were attended by various leaders from various kingdoms including Bunyoro and Karamoja, central government and various organizations.

By press time the kabaka was hosting a dinner for his invited Guests at Bulange Mengo.

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