Kalondozi Banned By UCC Over Pornographic Content


ABS’ Kalondozi, Oluwombo Lwamaka and Nabawalanyi banned by UCC over pornography & interfearing into people’s privacy!
To those who have been fans of these programmes sorry the Uganda Communications Commission has instructed ABS tv of the comedian rather pastor Abizaayo Augustine Yiga to stop airing them with immediate effect and if it fails to adhere then will UCC will be forced to shut it down and revoke its licence:

“The Commission has established that ABS TV station has continuously broadcast programmes that are in breach of the Minimum Broadcasting Standards set out in Section 31 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013. These programmes include; Kalondozi, Nabawalanyi and Oluwombo Lwa Bafumbo. The Commission, henceforth, directs ABS TV to stop broadcasting these programmes with immediate effect.” UCC said


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