July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020

Kampala: Man Arrested with Gun, Rounds of Ammunition in Bus Park



Kampala metropolitan police is holding a man in his twenties for being in possession of an AK-47 gun and 58 rounds of ammunition.

The arrested has been identified as Henry Asidri and he was netted from Namayiba Bus Terminal in Kampala on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Emillian Kayima told journalists during a press briefing on Monday at central police station in Kampala that the suspect was arrested when he was boarding a bus to Moyo district.

According to the police spokesperson, the suspect told police on interrogation that he was going to sell the gun in Moyo district.

The suspect, who was carrying the gun in the mattress, was spotted by people in the bus park who alerted police and he was immediately arrested.

“We are still interrogating the suspect to establish where the two missing bullets had gone,” said Kayima.

The police mouthpiece appealed to transport business men and operators to always cross-check the luggage of passengers who board their buses.

“It’s important to be vigilant and always notify the police in case of any suspicious luggage,” Kayima appealed.

Recently a woman was intercepted with an assortment of military weapons at the Uganda -South Sudan border point in Arua district as she tried to enter into the country.

Uganda has been faced with a challenge of illegal firearms that infiltrate the country which are mostly used in criminal activities including murder and armed robberies.

In January, the police flying department released a report which indicated recoveries of illegal fire arms with northern Uganda districts being in the lead of where most of the fire arms were recovered.

The reason for northern Uganda leading in the illicit activity was attributed to the political instability in the neighboring South Sudan.

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