Kanyamunyu- Akena saga: UPC boss says Besigye family unfit to rule Uganda


Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) deputy secretary general Fred Ebil Ebil has upped ante on Col Kizza Besigye’s relatives saying they are unfit to rule Uganda because they peddle sectarianism, toxic language laced with ethnic undertones.

Reacting to Edith Byanyima’s interview carried by Chimpreport.com in which she accused the Acholi’s of ‘murdering her people,’ Ebil who spoke to TrumpetNews on phone today morning said Edith’s outbursts were unfortunate and unwarranted.

Ebil wondered how Edith could be emotionally driven little knowing her bombshells can spark off tribal clashes especially at time when one tribe is perceived to be dominant over others.

Equally UPC party is split over the same matter with a sprinter group led by expired leader Olara Otunnu pitting against the substantive president Jimmy Akena. Otunnu is an Acholi while the Obote family comes from Lango.

“That woman’s tribal sentiments are a representation of her family and remember this is a family that wants to take power how then shall they conduct themselves once in government?” Ebil questioned. He said that before Edith uttered those provocative words she should have consulted.

He however said he was not surprised with the sentiments because Edith Byanyima’s in-law and Uganda’s strongest opposition leader Kizza Besigye’s radicalism has affected many Ugandans.

“Besigye is to blame for his extremism. Imagine a woman utters such strong words where does he get the courage?”

This is not the first Ebil is attacking Besigye, while in Mbale for a retreat in 2011 as opposition planned bloody protests Walk to Work, Ebil openly told Besigye that ‘path’ was a wrong one and only innocent souls would perish.

The tribalism saga was sparked by Besigye wife, Winnie Byanyima’s decision to stand surety for Joseph Kanyamunyu, Mathew Kanyamunyu and his Burundian girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari who are in Luzira battling murder charges.

Keneth Akena was murdered in Lugogo allegedly by Mathew Kanyamunyu who until now insists he isn’t a killer but a Good Samaritan who helped to take Akena to hospital before he breathed his last.

The public has since then dismissed Kanyamunyu’s version


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