Kato Lubwama scoffs at pro Habib Buwembo Lubaga south electorates


After two different formal complaints from Lubaga south voters tasking court to explain the delayed hearing of an application seeking leave of court filed by Lubwama which by law is supposed to be heard in not more than 90days after the high court judge lady justice Margaret Oumo Ogul granting voter a one  Habib Buwenbo to file an election NO. 42 of 2016 out the stipulated time over questionable academic credentials of the MP, Lubwama has scoffed at them saying he has no time for silly talks.

On 12th April, the CP president John Ken Lukyamuzi took his dismayed to the office of the deputy Chief Justice Alphonso Owiny Dollo demanding for a speedy process and recalling of the file claiming that as CP have interest in the matter and also him being a voter of the same constituency.

In the same manner, a group of 348 voters also on Thursday petitioned chief justice demanding for an explanation of the delayed disposing off of the matter in question but despite Lukyamuzi failing to pick calls for a comment over the matter but Lubbwama has belittled them saying he is ready for the case once its recalled but he cant waste time on them.

“I looks so offered for me to commnent on this matter instead those petitioning the judicially and please tell Lukyamuzi to tell court to recall the case because I have no problem with it; first filed the case out of time, secondary, they accuse me of being illiterate even when Makerere university cleared me, hence I cant involve myself is silly issues please just call them and the ell you more” MP Lubwama belittled

However when Buwembo was contacted, welcomed the forces being mounted by the area voters saying he went to court on peoples’ mandates of over  25000 signatures received and submitted to courts and that too he is soon filing his complaint over un-speedy hearing being exhibited in the matter.


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