By Kabuye Ronald
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC wants the deputy chief justice Steven Kavuma dismissed with disgrace from his position as opposed to retiring him.
addresing a news conference at their party headquarters the party publicist Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said that justice Kavuma doesn’t deseerve to be a justice any where ¬†given the many politically motivated and un just precedents he has set in his tenure as a judge. Ssemujju says that all Kavuma’ judgements deserve to be challenged in the supreme court after his dismisal for cancellation.
“Judiciary should not allow Kavuma to go down with that conduct, we agree with speaker Kadaga that kavuma must be investigated.
It’s unfortunate that the lower courts refer to his ruling when making judgement and the law students study his ruling, we are of the view that after his dismissal the supreme court of the land should cancel all his judgement to avoid further infection” said Ssemujju
ssemuju also lashed at the parliamentary vetting committee for vetting fake people.
“Parliament should not take vetting as a ceremony, when you vet a fake person expect the results also to be fake. We warned them that kavuma wasn’t fit for that position but our comrades from NRM used their numbers to have him pass” added Ssemujju.
in the same way FDC working committee has instructed its MPs to rise questions on the way abouts of over trillion shillings that was recovered from the tullow and herritage oil and gas tax attribution case in London other than focusing more on the six billion that was shared amongst the 42 public officials
” we instructed our Mps to ask for an explanation of where the money was banked, why its not appropriated in the budget because we might loose focus if we put more emphasis on the six billion.” Revealed Ssemujju.


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