Kayihura should respect our anti age limit removal rallies -LOP


By Jael Namiganda
The opposition leader in parliament Hon Winnie Kizza has called on the inspector general of police Kale  Kayihura to resign if he can’t carry on the mandate invested in him to protect Ugandans.
This follows police’ actions in various districts of blocking, harassing and arresting various political leaders and there supporters because they oppose the amendment of article 102b.
Citing herself with Hon Mbaju Jackson, the Kassanda North MP Hon Mbatekamwa and Hon Nambeshe who were harrased during their consultative meeting, Kizza said kayihur and his men should protect citizens of Uganda not only those obliged to do governments work.
kizza says that following the tabling of the motion by hon Magyezi, the speaker on the 4th of October before adjourning the house told MPs to go consult with their constituents.
Thus the above informed their decision to commence with their sensitization tomorrow starting with Hon Nganda Semmujju and Michael Kabazigurukuka constituents in kira and nakawa respectively.
Kizza called on the IGP to do his work diligently since he was fully  informed


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