J. K. Kazoora is a well re known Ugandan celebrity who has done a lot for the Ugandan entertainment community by participating into a variety of activities like working as a TV presenter, Radio presenter at various radio stations.He has been named as the current Chief Executive Officer at UGANDA BROADCASTING CORPORATION(U.B.C)  to turn the above named station into having a lot of viewership since it has slowly been fading away and many regarding  it as more of a political based station and it’s viewers claiming it’s boring, Kazoora  has been tasked and entrusted to do  his  duty fully. We wish him all the best.

As you read this, JK is poaching top TV personalities who will work at the station to attract viewership as well all business from advertising.

Since Magic One station was commissioned it has been only playing music and airing a few entertainment programs which don’t draw revenue to the station.

A staff added that this could have been one of the major setbacks UBC has been facing to an extent of restructuring all the staff and failing to pay salaries for close to 4 months.

The restructuring process, the acting chairman Simon Kaheru had previously confirmed to this website that it was in the offing.

It is said that JK was running a bigger part of NTV production until he fell out with the executive director Aggie Konde.


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