KCCA set release meat formalin report, initial findings revealed



By Mukose Arnold Anthony  mukosearnanth@gmail.com

Kampala Capital Authority through the public health committee is set to soonest release a report on the previous claims of Kampala meat being under attack of chemicals allegedly connected to the dead body preservatives commonly known as formalin.

This assurance has been made by the committee members headed by the chairperson and woman lord councilor Nakawa 1 who says that they are in the last stages of receiving the last results of the tests being carried out on meat, milk and grasshoppers locally known as “Nsenene”.

“I spoke to the head of Kampala health supervision who told me that  the last results which are still in the government laboratories will in the next week be out, but the initial findings of research, it has been proven that there was no chemicals related to formalin instead there could be some people who wanted to take up the activity of our people. I can now confirm our people are free to eat the meat” Amonyi assured the public.

The same assurance has been made by one of the committee members and co Nakawa 1 male lord councilor Moses Byamugisha Okwera who said that this report is yet to be officially released by the committee in the next council seating.

“The report is out and we’re to take it officially in the next council seating but we discovered that the health and hygiene in Kampala has been rapidly improved and we discovered that all allegations of formalin were false” Okwera noted.

It should be recalled that meat business got a hiccup in January where most business people almost closed their butchers and during that time, sales reduced by 40% from the normal daily according to most butcher men we spoke to in that period but according to the recent interviews with some butcher men say that ever since the wave calmed down, the sales are gradually increasing.

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