KCCA should sensitise us about property tax before its implemented- Nakawa Councillors


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Following an ultimatum of 30 days given by KCCA to all property owners in Kampala central and Nakawa to clear their 6% property dues, leaders from Nakawa I have called upon KCCA to sensitize tax payers on who is to pay and who is to be exonerated before implementing the ultimatum.

In a consultative meeting conducted over the next financial proposal by the area lord councilors Alice  Amony and chaired by Mugisha Moses Okwera, parish councilors from the 11 parish parishes it came out clearly that the councillors could not ably elaborate the tax to the property owners since them too did not understand it properly.

They also oppose KCCA’s idea to tax elderly people who in their early age supported the nation with only these properties as their source of income. They also contested taxing building that are not on plan since KCCA is always  threatening to demolish them.
These leaders also are against the idea of taxing residential building thus an appeal to the authority to only look at commercial property.


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