By Kabuye Ronald
Noting the increased violation of the local governments (Kampala City Council) maintenance of law and order or ordinance 2006 that prohibits  unapproved loud voice in the city among others, Kampala capital city authority has warned that it will start arresting the culprits.
In a notice issued by KCCA it reads in parts that with out any further warning they will start arresting and prosecuting in courts of law among  others street preachers, unapproved mobile advertising screens,  loud speakers and individuals caught pasting unapproved posters and banners.
The notice further urged the general public to desist from any such unapproved practices.
The warning comes at a time when many Ugandans have turned street preaching into a job on Kampala streets, gospel screens with loud voices are almost at every acarde in the city and phone shops especial owned by itel and techno agents spend the entire day playing loud music and advertising their products in abide lure the public into buying the products.


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