KCCA to Compensate Basajja for losses MPs direct



Members of Parliament have asked Kampala Capital City Authority to buy residual interests of Basajjabalaba Hides and Skins (BHS), following forceful loss of interest in the city abattoirs.

The recommendations contained in the report of the Parliamentary Committee on President Affairs, have also asked the Kampala City Authority to repossess the abattoirs and tender them out to City Abattoir Traders Development Association.

The committee report by Adjumani District Woman MP Jessica Ababiku declared that “it would be unfair for a nation with a policy of promotion of the local content to turn around and frustrate her local entrepreneurs.”

The committee confirmed that Mr Basajjabala is the rightful owner of the abattoirs located on plot 1&3 Old Portbell Road, which he obtained through a lease obtained from Kampala City Council in March 2001.

Basajjabalaba has since withdrawn his interest in the property, citing frustrations and illegal occupation of the facility by the vendors association.

The MPs have however asked the government to give a meaningful but not exaggerated compensation.

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