October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

Kings Fahad Islamic School Refutes allegations Sodomizing Of Their On Pupil.


By Andrew Visper
One day after BUKEDDE NEWS PAPER published in their edition of November, 22, 2019 that a teacher of Kings Fahad Islamic School Sodomized a nursey pupil by names of (Buyinza Rashad) of top class was an allegation and accusation to a staff member Shk Ismail Muyomba.
According to the King Fahad Islamic School Head teacher, Madam Nabacwa Halimah Sentomero who was addressing the media yesterday at the school campus Busega, said that we are refuting the allegation and accusation because on Saturday 9th November 2019 (the said day) the Pupil (Buyinza) had a problem with the rectum having received a report from the school nurse and he was sent home for further medication.
“We at school we don’t medicate but normally reffed pupils to parents after giving them the first aid, the mother of the Pupil (Buyinza) claims that her child was Sodomized during preps that day, however the teacher on duty, teacher Saada Fenny proves that the accused teacher (Shk Ismail) was not at school during preps. The other side of coin, suspect has been on police custody for 9 days without any clear Medical report from the police doctor” Said head teacher Nabacwa.
She added that we are calmly waiting for the medical report from the police doctor as evidence, however we also indeed refuting what BUKEDDE NEWS PAPER said because also look at the suspect who is in custody for 9 illegal days without clear Medical report from police personnel, so they just kept him for long periods of time which is conflicts with law.
“We are here waiting for police investigations/report we at King Fahad Islamic School operate on Islamic norms, we can’t allow such acts in our lovely school because it’s really clear as far as Islamic concern there was a period of time where people has to come an end because of doing this Sodomized is not allowed in our Islamic and in our culture and we totally not support this in our school and we can’t support Sodomy to go on. If they carry out  Investigations and its true should handed on the courts of law but they should not just kept him at police all the period of time” Said head teacher Nabacwa
She continues to narrates that, whatever was published in BUKEDDE NEWS PAPER we also contacted the school lawyer to take stapes.
“They published this without carrying research because as I speak the police still carry out Investigations, the medical report from police doctor is not yet out but I don’t know where BUKEDDE got the facts to publish this ‘my personal view’ is all about shading bad image of the school because it’s not the first time they are doing this for the long period of time I have been in this school since I became the head teacher in 2003 up to date, meaning I have been managing this school for a long time but all a long BUKEDDE whatever goes on wrong they try their best to bring all bad image to school that’s why this time round we can’t rest and we have to know why they published this” Said head teacher Nabacwa
She added that on the side of the Shk Ismail (the suspect) who kept for an authorized period of time in custody, we also need Justice on the side of our Shk, he is in prison for long nothing has been taken for real and their no tests already carried out if they are saying that he Sodomized the kid.
“It was only HIV tests carried out and results come out when his negative and it was done on behalf of the parents, so police just look at only one side yet it’s their responsibility to investigate, as school when they suspected our Shk, we handed over him to police  for deep Investigations but we also pray in the heart to put the report on the table because we are not her on defense side I he did it let them come out with evidence and of court if it comes true, as the head teacher I have to write expulsion letter to Shk and automatically have to get outbof my school because we can’t entertaining such acts since we following Islamic norms as says our motto and academic excellence” Said head teacher Nabacwa
Meanwhile the spokesperson Uganda moslims supreme council Hijj Nsereko Mutumba  calls the public to stop basing on speculation asked them to wait the police Investigations and it’s medical report.
Nsereko who was holding exclusive Interview with this web site www.pressug.com explain that he got disappointed while following BUKEDDE NEWS PAPER and find a very big headline saying ‘A five year boy was soft and certainly suspect is now in hands of police who was allegedly Sodomized a boy.
“I took responsibility to contact the director Hajj Sentomero S. king Fahad Islamic School because the school build on Islamic foundation and it’s under our hands of supervision, he sent me official from school to explain to me what exactly happened and even told me they got some medical letters from Mulago indicating that the boy was not Sodomized but found the child had beat sick which is not related to Sodomized and I also informed that the police Medical officer is carrying Investigations” Said Mutumba
He added that may take on this, is to request the two parties to be calmly and wait for police report to prove with evidence then basically stand on speculations and also request parties to avoid miss understanding of education schools owner’s.
“I can upon all parents to take full care of their own child as in terms of monitoring 24 hours and on side of Islamic our school especially those with excellent academic some time face negative forces from their enemies as we all witnessed last year at kubuli ss but what I can say you can’t fight Islam and eliminate them in country, police report is the final” Said Mutumba
However, Shk Tamusuza G. Who speaks the this web site on behalf of king Fahad Islamic School blames BUKEDDE saying that whatever goes on air either in news paper, radio, and tv it’s intention is to brought down their lovely school because of its academic excellent.
“This place is very important, it’s big to individuals and it’s good to not just write without allowing the management to give clear information, if you compare the school vision and the news the published, the school foundation and Islam it’s not allowed, so I humbly requesting the media that always before you published your story look for balance true news not balance false news and as we parents we can’t agree allegations to toke done our school” Said Tamuzade
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