By Ronald Kabuye
Independent Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine who was shortly detained at kasangati and kiira police station on grounds of holding unauthorized rally has encouraged the mammoth of people who attended his rally to overcome fear because it’s the only thing that is holding Ugandans in hostage.
Bobi wine told the gathering that people power is more powerful than people in power, saying that if it wasn’t for people power police wouldn’t have released him.
He also alluded to that fact that Uganda can have a peaceful transition without bloodshed if only people start to believe in themselves.
“Today have also learnt that the people we fear, they fear us the most, you have much power that you not realized.
At the start of my campaign I told you that I am not standing to represent any political party nor individual but the ordinary person who is voiceless and to open your eyes so use you vote to cause transition” said Bobi wine
Bobi also thanked the opposition strong man Besigye who he said supports him however is deterred by his party.
He further emphasized that he has no beef with anyone but  rather his beef is with poverty, dictators, corruption, poverty, diseases and under development thus appealing for all kyadondo east people to vote for him.
On his arrest, Bobi wine told the gathering that he was told by the high ranking officers in the police force that he would cause presidential embarrassment to president Museveni if he had his rally at Kasangati play ground thus pleading to him to change the venue.
Meanwhile president Yoweri Museveni has called on NRM supporters and other electorates in Kyadondo East to vote for Sitenda Sebalu in the coming parliamentary by-elections who is the NRM flag bearer i
Museveni said Ssebalu is the best person he can work with easily to deliver services to the people of Kyadondo.

In his remarks, Sitenda thanked President Museveni for sparing his busy schedule to come and bless him ahead of Thursday polls.
In the same way Museveni ordered that tuku  tuku to resume work after being stopped by the kampala minister Betty Namisango Kamya.
For Apollo Katinti his rally was graced by the FDC party president MAJ Gen  Gregory Mugisha Muntu and the opposition strong man Dr. Kizza Besigye who are optimistic that the Victory is their.
Independent Nkuyinji Muwada start his rally with prayer at the mosque saying that victory starts with God.
Kyandodo East by elections poll are slated for Thursday the 29th this month and five people are vying for the seat including, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobiwine, nrm’ sitenda Ssebalu, Fdc’   who also happens to be the former legislator Apollo Katinti, Muwada Nkuyinji and sowed Kayongo


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