By Kabuye Ronald

The Buganda premier owekitibwe Charles Peter mayiga has fired back at kampala minister Betty Olive Namisango Kamya who yesterday called for a referendum on the controversial Buganda Land Board project dubbed ekyapa mungalo literally meaning a land title in your hands.

Mayiga who outlined three categories of the projects critics, placed Kamya in the one of ignorant people who don’t want to learn saying that the lease system has been in place before and after the restoration of the kabakaship adding that the same system is used by both the catholic and church of uganda.

He described kamya views as illogical and he wondered how a person of her caliber can advance for a referendum on the already existing and at will project.

Mayiga placed the rest of the critics in the other two categories which included the one of the selfish who envy and scared of Buganda Kingdom’ progress but deep inside know the since already scooped their lease titles and third category being of those that need clarification since they are ready to learn given the fact that they were would winked.

Meanwhile mayiga has downplayed the propaganda doing around that he harbors plans of joining the central government saying that though he is not a prophet but he has got no such arrangements since he is still serving the kabakaship.

Mayiga called upon Baganda of substance to join elective politics since it puts them at the core of improving people’ welfare.


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