By Kabuye Ronald
The government chief whip Hon Ruth Nankabirwa has said that the extension of the local council 1 and 2 elections were postponed due to  challenges the country is facing.
The whip says that the elections that were meant to kickstart this month were postponed to  the month of April due to the natural calamities the country is facing like drought which led to channelling of funds to buying and providing food in the hit prom areas.
This follows the electrol commission chairperson Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon dismissing romours of ever setting any dates for the LC1,2 and women committees elections but rather revealed that they are only drafting the guidelines for the elections pending the 15.9 billions from government to facilitate the process.
Its on this note that she apologized to the public and appealed to them to be patient Untill April.
Meanwhile the the chief whip revealed will not rally behind any particular  opposition member vying for the  EALA parliament seat

It should be noted that the NRM party voted  for 6 favoured candidates for EALA seat and these included  Rose Akol, Matia Kasamba, Mary Mugyenyi, Namara Denis, Odong George and Paul Musamali,
FDC party sent 2 names Ingrid Turinawe as the first runner up and the winner Ekwau Ibi Florence, the sent  Democratic party mukasa Mbide, while UPC sent Chris Opoka and a number of independents.
Meanwhile campaigns for the EALA seat will commence on the 28 of this month.


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