By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition leaders and the public have been advised to laise with the members of parliament on the National Resistance Movement NRM ticket in order to stop the purported move of amending the age limit of the president.
The advice has been uttered by the Makidye East member of parliament on FDC ticket Hon.  Ibrahim Kasozi.
Kasozi says unless they laise with the NRM MPs who happen to be the majority in parliament their efforts to stop the amendment of article 102b of the constitution that puts the presidential age limit at 75 years.
He also wants the public to engage their area MPs on the same since they( Ugandans) have tested bitter side of lifting the presidential term limits.
“I remind you that when we started popular resistance against life presidency so many years back
People took it as a joke until they lifted term limits and now have just realized the bitter side of it.
This matter is not for MPs alone but it’s a matter of concern to all us so lets join hands to resist it” said Kasozi
meanwhile Kasozi supported the FDC working committee proposal to National Council that is underway at the party headquarters to amend the party constitution in order to allow elders of the party to be enshrined in the structures without first subjecting them to an election.
“our elders can still contribute to the party so we need to find a way of bringing them on board than sidelining them because they are not so many and yet they have a rich history of the country, in that way shall enjoy their ideas and services” said Kasozi.


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