Lets Put Our constitutional In Our Local Languages Asks Benon Biraaro


The former presidential candidate Rtd Major general Benon Boraaro has tasked the government to immediately implement article (4) of the constitution that says to put the constitution in all local languages to enable the public understand it. This while reviewing a report released titled “Is Uganda a Democracy” a head of its official release conducted by center for constitutional governance(CCG) last year, Biraaro says Uganda lacks democracy because majority of her citizens can’t read and understand the constitution since its written in a foreign language (English) whereby few literates can read and understand it. He adds that, the parliament also greatly contributes huge percentage of loosing democracy since it passes laws without the interests and demands of people citing out the current controversial proposal of amending article 102b of the constitution which seeks for lifting presidential age limit. Biraaro also urged the general public not to go for referendum to decide whether presidential age limit is removed or not saying this is wastage of time and disrespecting the constitution. Meanwhile Bireete Sarah, deputy executive director center for constitutional governance asserts that, one of the main barriers of democracy in Uganda is political leaders who commercialize politics with an aim of consolidating themselves into power thus leading unnecessary constitutional amendments, unlawful arrests and dentation, loss of lives and properties amongst others which is contrary with the constitution saying power belongs to people.


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