LOP BATTLE: West Nile FDC supporters want Kaps Fungaroo to replace Winnie Kiiza


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
As the term of the current leaders of opposition in parliament is it’s end this very year, west Nile FDC supporters have outlined their demands for the position of LOP where they want Hassan Kaps fungaroo to replace the current lead of opposition in parliament Winnie Kiiza.
According emails seen by this website, though they appreciate that Kiiza has made some strives but she has not  performed to their expectations.

In one of the emails, they demand that the party shouldn’t renew her contract as LOP and accuse her  for failing to table an alternative budget, an alternative state of the nation and also mobilizing some MPs not to fight back during the age limit debate but instead pretend to be in love with the discussion which allegedly forced some opposition MPs not attend meetings she used to preside over but rather attended those presided over by opposition chief whip Hon Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda.

Below are some of the statements and part of the emails on Winnie Kiiza

“Kiiza campaigned for Wandera Kazibwe in AU due to 3bn given by Museveni yet Specioza is seen as a corrupt personality in Uganda. She has never read an alternative budget since enthroned as LOP.

She failed to move a motion recalling Kayihura contract as the whole country only waited for her move in 2016 after police beating up Ugandans while welcoming back Dr. Besigye from the prison.
She has never made any response to the state of the nation address which works as an alternative. She has never called the FDC caucus meeting since swearing in. this gives the reason as to why FDC is disunited in parliament.

She had dealings with Anita on Kasese issues.  For that matter,  parliament losses the alternative voice that could cause justice to the people of Kasese and indirectly promoted injustice and that is not good of a mother.  But she has however done something as the first female LOP in a dictatorial regime and among which she has tried to check the government and also leading the age limit struggle where up to now she is still in courts of law over the same matters.”

Mail parts on Fungaroo

” He is experienced since 2006 when he ousted Pataki Amasi, the only MP with a constituency day called Obong day. He erected a ferry as a means of transport through the Nile River from obomg to Adjuman. He erected a community resource center and pipe water supply at Obongi headquarters. He mobilized the youths to arrest the Moyo DPC during togyikwatako campaign. He survive arrest in 2006 after then Rdc of Arua Ibrahim Abiriga accused him of allegedly  enlisting over 0250 youths from Obong and Yumbe to replenish LRA.”

 However when this website contacted the party top officials over the said demands, they advised  the party members not to fight over positions since  as a party, they are more focused on how to reclaim and takeover power not mere positions which don’t even add much value in as far as authority is concerned.

“Its too early to discuss LOP term of office but when the appropriate time comes we shall open up our stand on this to the public and this will be late this year  so were are currently not focusing on who to replace who hence we should let our parliamentary shadow leadership  do its work ” one of the top official who preferred anonymity noted.


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