Lord mayor Lukwago blamed for the delayed kalerwe abattoir dev’t as UNRA is tasked to demarcate routes in it



By Mukose Arnold Anthony  mukosearnanth@gmail.com

Kampala Capital City Authority political wing has tasked the Uganda national roads authority to explain as to why they have taken long to clear road demarcations around Kalerwe city abattoir  which has delayed  the release development plan permit.

According to Kalerwe abattoir operators including the managing direct Nsooba slaughter house Capt. Denis Ssaazi and Ahmed Kezaala of Kishita young farmers limited on Jan 16 2018 accused the political wing for being behind all their delays having been cleared by the technical led by ED Jeniffer Musisi and the office of the minister for Kampala affair Olive Namisango Kamya and that KCCA is responsible for the remaining little sanitation

“Office of the ED cleared our plan and minister for Kampala affairs was over pleased by our plan and said that we should be given a development permit quickly and her orders were documented and its here with us but regardless of all that, our permit has never been released hence we need an explanation for the delay” Mr. Ahmed Kezaala tasked KCCA public health wing led by chairperson Alice Amony accompanied by the deputy lord mayor Hajjat Sarah Kanyike.

In response Kanyike expressed dismay over the delay and promised expeditiously attention of follow up. “ I assure you with the leadership of the lord mayor, we’re to put this matter on the order paper of the next Thursday (18th Jan 2018) seating because its too ashaming for us to accuse you of being hygienically poor yet we (KCCA) are part of your problem” Hajjat Kanyike assured them in a meeting 2 almost 2 months ago.

However depite of all the promises to these abattoir people nothing has been done which has forced many to think that lord mayor could be behind the delays. “For our we’re clean, we cleared all the equirements according to our top managers but it seems Lord mayor knows something about our delay and it could be a political tactic” anonymous butcherman claimed.

The website’s efforts to reach out to the lord mayor and his deputy were rendered futile as they were both not picking calls but we later discovered were in an urgent plan meeting.

The website has managed to speak to lord councilor Okwera Moses of Nakawa 1 who  is also a public health committee member who was part of the meeting in Kalerwe on Jan 16th who said that though they promised to release a development permit but UNRA claimed to having not cleared these local investors hence they cant develop the site.

“What am tasking Kalerwe abattoirs come out with a letter from UNRA clearing them because UNRA claimed that the said letter from them is fake and we cant prove who is wrong and right unless both of them comes clearly and vindicate to us, for  we’re ready to help Kalerwe people get their permit and am calling upon UNRA to explain circumstances under which they claim a fake letter “ Okwera noted.

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