Lubaga South voters attack Buwembo over delayed election petition against Lubwama academic credential



By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The forum for democratic Change (FDC) national secretary in charge of labor and pension Mr. Habib Buwembo who led a section of over 25000 lubaga south voters to high court challenging the academic credentials of the area legislator and drama actor Kato Paul Lubwama has appealed to the court to save him from the voters who want to lynch him and accusing them of taking bribe from the area legislator Kato Lubwama to give on an election petition he filed 2 years ago.

While addressing the media in Kampala on Friday, the youthful activist Buwembo said that he has been approached and attacked by several voters most of whom appended their signatures on the petition to oust the area legislator from parliament who is accused of lacking academics credentials. The  grounds the voters give is that he sold their case and lost interest in a public matter which he says, he has never and has no intentions of selling such a public matter.

A worried Buwembo said that he has never had any dialogues with Hon Lubwama hence calling upon the judicial office to recall his matter for disposal.

“I’m being attacked and receiving threatening messages from Lubaga south voters who appended signatures on an election petition against Hon Kato Lubwama claiming that i was bought off by him and lost interest in the matter which is not true” Mr. Buwembo clarified.

“I call upon the court to recall our file because Lubwama appealed against judge’s green light ruling for us to file an election petition out of time and a matter which was supposed to be disposed off in 6 months has taken a year and some months which has forced voters to lose trust in me hence court should save me from their attacks and threats” Mr. Buwembo appealed.

On October 10, 2016 UNEB clarified on Kato Lubwama’s academic papers that the MP had no O level certificate to further his education hence having faked papers to be enrolled to Makerere university on mature entry hence court clearing Buwembo  on October 12, 2016 to file a miscellaneous application 42 of 2016 filed in High court.

In a ruling by Justice Magret Oumo Oguli, she said that fraud is a serous allegation that should not be let hanging.
“Fraud is a serious allegation and it should be taken seriously and carefully. It cannot be merely exhausted through investigations since these matters pertaining an MP’s qualification are of a great national importance,” Justice Oumo said.

“This is a proper application to warrant extension of time as the applicant has exhibited sufficient evidence in this court to justify the delay. In regard to the view that he was incapacitated he could not get a private lawyer to file the petition in time and having examined him, I do not believe this, they are so many service legal advisors including the one he used in this case,” Justice Oumo ruled

This ruling was challenged by Buwembo who filed an application to stay the order pending an appeal against the order which he hasn’t filed today.

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