Lufuka residents are up in arms with Makindye municipality leadership over road expansion


the grader that left of the property owners in tears doing its work. Photo by Ronald Kabuye

By Ronald Kabuye
Residents of lufuka zone, Ndejje division, makidye ssabagabo municipality are bitter about their property which was destroyed during the on going expansion of the road that links them to kibutika- Kanaba and newly created Ndejje-lufuka Masajja roads.
The residents whose houses and fences were not spared during the grading of the road, said it is unfair for the division to start the expansion work without alerting them and involving their local Council one authority on the actual date for eviction since they had agreed to give part of their land without or less compensation.
Now some residents like a one Julius resolved to take the matter to courts of law due to the breech of the verbal agreement between him and the municipality leadership.
” I requested the municipality officials to atleast give me three millions or buy me bricks and I do the rest to rebuild my fence to which they arrogantly and adamantly refused.
My lawyer of Patrick Katende¬† advocates served them with a statutory notice to which they did not respect but am still strong, I gave them 2.5 meters in the front but I will not agree on the 2.4 meters in the sides until they compensate me” said Julius.
Other residents who had requested for a day to evict themselves expressed dismay in the manner of disrespect they treated them.

some of the houses destroyed during the eviction and expansion of lufuka,kibutika, masajja road. photo by Ronald Kabuye

in the same way the chairperson of LC1 Lufuka zone Hajji Eng.¬† Abdul Mugisha said the act of destroying people’s properties without giving them an alert prior to the expansion work and doing it behind their back was done in bad spirit to make residents hate him and destroy his votes in favour of his DP rival which forms most of the leadership at all higher levels since he belongs to NRM.
He wondered why such an eviction is done without the involvement of local Council, water and UMEME authorities.
meanwhile Ndejje division chairperson Hajji Suleiman Sejjengo said the residents were aware of the works since three meetings were held in the area in regards to the same.
He said that they could not wait to loose the 30 millions for the project, since it was to be taken back to consolidated fund in case the status quo remained the same yet they were elected into offices to develop the area.

chairperson Ndejje division makidye ssabagabo Hajji Suleiman Sejjengo.

He added that as leaders they are ready for any law suite filed against them since it will also help them set a precedent for the future development projects.
“We are ready to battle in courts of law with anybody who sues us. This area has a physical plan and we are the authors and custodians of the plan, must of the people arguing have no approved plans by the authorities.
The court cases will also help us set precedents on the future projects thus we are so much willing to battle in courts of law.”¬† said Sejjengo.
On the issue of the municipality being new as compared to most of the properties destroyed, Sejjengo argued that there has always been a development need but what was lacking Was the intention, attitude and funds which are now available.


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