M7 failed to address the urgent needs- DP


By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Democratic Party DP says that president Yoweri Kagutta Museveni failed to address the urgent needs of the country in his speech on Sunday but rather dwelled on heaping responsibility to others, threatening others, being outrageous and extremely sarcastic.
Addressing a news conference at the DP headquarters in Kampala, the party president Norbert Mao said the urgent needs of the country that should be addressed is lack of national consensus, corruption, insecurity, family rule, peaceful political transition, unemployment and detorioting economy since they are the major cause of bitterness and anger among Ugandans as opposed to the excess electricity that can not be affordable by an ordinary Ugandan, tarmaced roads, family wealth and other issues that president Museveni addressed in his speech.
Mao further said that president Museveni is nolonger a good role model to the country since he takes himself above the law, has no political will to fight corruption, turned country into a terror to its neighbours and failed the economy of the country simply because the government is absent where its needed most and much where it’s not needed.
He advised president Museveni to deal away with the bad eggs in his government and security agencies.


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