M7 personalizes the army, money to intimidate public from over throwing him- Mugisha Muntu


By Ronald Kabuye
Former Forum for Democratic Change FDC president and Chief of Defense Force  CDF Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu says president Museveni’ motive of asserting that he owns the army, money, oil and everything in the country is playing a psychological game to discourage the public that there is nothing they can do remove him from his presidential seat.
Muntu says president Museveni’s actions of personalizing the army and other national things is demeaning, being insensitive and taking those who fought for the liberation of the country for granted.
Gen. Muntu says that Uganda has the best officers that any country longs to have but they being interfered with the political antics of the sitting government.
He also believes that besides waiting for the next government to make the army professional, nationalist and nonpartisan,  the army can also slowly and systematically send signals to the government and leaders that the army defends National interests not regimes and individuals.
Muntu has also advised government that instead of deploying the army to implement government programmes like  NAADS, they should fix the problems and let institutions work.
Meanwhile Muntu has revealed that the launch of their party has delayed because the electoral commission is yet to complete the verification process of those who endorsed the formation of their party.

He says that this new formation believes in organisation, conscious, unit and proper thinking as opposed to popularity and big names to bring about change of leadership in the country.
This while appearing on the NBS morning breeze show


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