M7 reveals 10 points which will fix Uganda’s insecurity problems.



By Ronald Kabuye
President of Uganda Yoweri Kagutta Museveni in his address to parliament he has given 10 points that must be done have the Security system of country fixed thus elimination of the current criminalities in the country.
President Museveni started by giving Long history of conflicts and wars in the before giving the ten things which must be implemented to achieve real stability in the country.
Among them is Finger printing all the guns in the country and thus he has already issued an order to capture all the finger prints though this will not help in capturing smuggled guns.
All motorvehicles and cycles shall have electronic number plate with a electronic signals in them which cost do this shall be met by the owners. He said though they will protect their owners privacy but it will enable security agencies to know who was at where the scene and that the system will alter the central system when one tries to interfere with the number plate thus registration will be cancelled and the offender share be arrested.
He also said police has already ban those who zoom on road with jacket hoods.
Introduction of new helments with illuminated numbers on the front and at the back.
installations of cameras in towns, highway and roads and this he talked about it as a master blow since criminal can never invade eye, camera and telescope. He said Camera are like human eyes adding that if necessary they will go hand in hand with thermo sensors “this master blow will not fail us if criminals try to play their games of covering their heads the officers will be altered and they will be intercepted.
How about villages, people who go there branch from the main road and this will help us to narrow on the persons that branches off that day.” said M7.
Introduction of Modern forensic laboratories, president museveni said he thought Nation ID would do that but they only took the thumb instead of the palm. He said he had a debate with members of the Security Council on having our DNA captured too which must of them were opposed too.
Speedy response on the incidents. ” how quickly we arrive at the scene of crime, I have asked police to reactivate 999, flying squad not crawling squad as its been to provide them with Uavs (drowns) in addition to other means of transports.
The defense committe was only authorized 30 drowns and 500 have been empounded because they were entering the country illegal. These must be regulated and concerned ministry should work on a bill and policy for to present to cabinet and parliament for approval.One way to fight illegal drowns because criminals can utilize the same is by freezing them and fall down or locate who sent them.
Get those who Misuse social media to threaten violence and spray lies, he said they are going empower Uganda Communication Commission to get those who hide their faceswithout interrupting genuine users
They are also going to acquire more scanners to look into containers that enter the country to get those who under declare commodities to invade taxes and to get those transport weapons using the same.
And to have a small army with well equipped and educated, technical officers.
President also emphasized the need to sensitise the public not to interfere with the scene of crime and police to take interest in getting the clues from the people.
Reacting to the address Godfrey Kiwanda who is the state minister for tourism said “President Musevenihas really made a subsentative address to us because he has given us a clear security history that traces back over 500 years ago.
Brought out the difference between criminalities and war, we are faced with
criminalities which is world over”
Ronald Kibuule the state minister for water said “what’s worrying is the time frame in which to implement this otherwise his points are valid and this will help to defeat criminalities in the country.”
Tom Azza MP west Moyo county, “what stood out for me is tracking the criminals using their number plates but am disappointed since the president didn’t hint on how he is going to tackle youth unemployment since its them that are used for these criminals and may be the Veterans who are annoyed since some don’t get their gratuity. That aside to fulfill his ideas is expensive and can only be achieved in long run

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