Mabirizi fumes as the presiding registrar threatened to step down from kabaka land case.


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
High court registrar at Twed Towers Joy Kabagye has set November 8th to rule on the  court order application filed by Male Mabirizi seeking to block the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II through Buganda land board from issuing land tittles in the KYAPA MU NGALO project since it deprives off Buganda subjects their rights to own property

Before the adjournment the applicant Mabirizi lost temper in court and blasted the the registrar over blocking him to freely submit his arguments and giving premature ruling which had forced her to adjourn the matter prematurely though Mabirizi later apologized and the case continued

Kabaka’s legal team led by council Bwanika Christopher and Nalumansi Sharot asked court to dismiss the application on grounds that Mabirizi has never complained to them and he doesn’t indicate in any way how his been affected by the project in addition to failing to present any affected person

In a rejoinder Mabirizi said that constitutionally he has the right to defend any weak, poor and intimidated group(s) or persons in addition to being an occupant of the mile land at Kasana Kyaggwe in Mukono.

Mabirizi has  21 grounds for the case which he of the same case he filed a year ago but to date he is struggling to get justice.

When asked why he fumed in court, Mabirizi said that the land struggle he is pursuing is a human rights struggle which should not be played around with.


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