August 7, 2020
August 7, 2020

Makerere Guild to sue URA, government and Varsity over “illegal” policies.


Makerere University guild president Mr. Katerega Julius before the media

Mukose Arnold Anthony

Makerere University guild leadership through their president Mr. Katerega Julius has on Monday morning vowed to drag the government, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and the university to courts of law, over what they have termed as illegal and stupid policies being administered to the students.

While addressing the media at the university, Mr. Katerega has highlighted that the government, URA and the university administration are in bed for connivance on three different policies which are aimed at costing the future of both quality education and the students’ right to quality education.

Among the policies include; “the unfair cumulative 15% tuition increment, government decision to have Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) collection public Universities tuitions and failure by the University release recess term, school practices  internship allowances and  facilitation”.

Katerega told media that, students were not consulted before the said 15% policies were introduced because their predecessors had a meeting which never reached out to constituents and also the said tuition increment even when illegal, was meant for only one financial year centrally to the present five year policy.

On URA, Kategerega said that according to the university and tertiary institution act, universities have the right to self-autonomy and perform independently without government interferences. He has also added that, several of the students are stranded and stuck due to the failure by the university to avail internship fees yet these students paid in the said moneys and some have been requested to reduce on the time to be spent in the field contrary to the expected time of their syllabus.

“These policies are not only barbaric, illegal and in bad spirit but also stupid in nature” Mr. Kategerega noted.

He added that, “It’s unfair and stupid for the government and the university administration to think that since there are forth coming elections, the government should look for all avenues of funding their campaigns and one of the ways, is by extorting money from the poor Ugandans”.

The charged Katerega said that the problem of inaccessibility of services by students has worsened in colleges outside Kamapala (main compass) and no lectures are ongoing.

“They are trying to turn public universities into jokers, as students leaders, we are determined to seize this madness and we want to warn the government, that if in a week’s time you don’t change the ways in which you are mishandling our education systems, we are ready to put you in order through both courts of law and our re-known channels” Katerega added.

“We are taking URA and its government to courts of law to explain where they get such powers in the constitution of the republic of Uganda”, “We are going to seek for justice for the general good and the future of this nation” The leadership vowed.

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