August 7, 2020
August 7, 2020

Makerere University guild president blasts Nambooze over capt Mukula “fake” letter.

. by Mukose Arnold Anthony

By Mukose Arnold Anthony

Following  social media reports of alleged letter claimed to be from Mr. Katerega Julius the Makerere University guild president who also doubles as people power member, the claimed authored has attacked the Mukono Municipality legislator Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke for being behind the said letter to tarnish his name.

The said letter which went viral on different social media platforms at the end of last week, indicated that the guild leader had appointed the National Resistance Movement (NRM) vice president for Easter, Captain Mike Mukula as the patron of the 85th guild government.

 Angry Katerega told the media that, he was shocked to hear that the said letter was downloaded from the official facebook page of the said legislator, a person he expected to be a political teacher and mentor not destroyer.

Katerega accepts that, his government have had three public meetings, the first being a students’ open debate and the two being for the students’ internship placements.

He has added that their guild constitution is clear to who shall always be the patron and this is non-other than dean of students and wondered how a stranger in the guild laws become the patron?

“Mukula being an NRM cadre, he was invited by the school of science for a debate and I personally represented the youths on the panel as he represented the ruling NRM government, later we leant that he could offer internship places for our engineering students in his companies and being a leader for all, I couldn’t just let this opportunity go, hence we arranged for meetings and we are happy that some of the students have been given the chance to have their internship with the Captain” Mr. Katerega noted.

“We have on several occasions invited some of these opposition politicians in our meetings, but some think are bigger that the students. As a leader, I won’t pay attention to leaders like Nambooze who are always thinking of cheap politics. This letter wasn’t targeting me as a person, but the people power Movement, and since all of you know that it’s a public secret that I subscribe to UYD and people power, that is why they are creating all these blackmails” Katerega added.

Katerega has however, vowed to dig to the bottom of all these blackmails claiming that, the first of the same was when he was in elections when a letter alleged to be from the office of the Vice Chancellor sponsoring his campaigns was released, another one was claiming that GRCs had agreed to comply with the policies and now this new one.

He has promised not leave pertinent issues affecting students to rumors and useless talks, our efforts to reach out to the allegedly legislator have been rendered futile as his number known to her couldn’t go through.

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