October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

Makerere University Refutes Allegations Of Closing Makerere Dental School.


By Andrew Visper
Makerere University under their college of healthy sciences refutes the the allegations that going on media indicating that Makerere Dental School closed.
According to Associate Prof. Public Health who doubles as Deputy Principal College of Health Sciences and Director Service Project Rotary Club Kampala North Dr Isaac Okullo said that Dental School as you have seen is going stronger we are only in holidays and our students are doing exams, the fact that you don’t find students here doesn’t mean we stoped or closed, “Makerere Dental School has been revamped as you can see we have numberly of chairs that operational, equipments that supports I’m treatment and all other equipment we have them here and students number is going to be increased”
He said this at the first day dental health camp at Makerere University organised by Rotary Club of Kampala North which will continue for a full week at dental school Makerere where more than 500 patients expected to be given free treatments
Dr. Okullo stated that, In 2015, the East African medical dental and practitioner council visited universities and Makerere was one of the universities visited, and that time we were not training here, “were training at Mulago at the public health dental assistant school, we had our equipment there given a section since 1982” Said Okullo
He continues that, they were concerned that, since 1982 you have been scouting in a place, in somebody’s facility that’s the reason why you not expanding and become a full school.
“They made a recommendation in 2015 that we should create four unites which is now you visible see here at Makerere University,  you should increase your staffing level, get a number of training equipment that requires of a full school” Added Okullo
However since 2015 that recommendation letter was made saying “you reorganize your unite” not close. So since to date we have been doing that, we have been working hard to create four unites and university gives us this facility which is already build up for those four unites and we have other facility that given to us by the University for offices, that “East African medical and dental practitioner council recommend”
Meanwhile, we have created them and they come back this year to come see how far we are to what they recommend in 2015, when they came were indeed very happy, to see the progress that were made the staff, equipment, now what they don’t see was the reception area, where we filter students from that was the beginning of last semester, and they were like “students are already come in, but you don’t have recietion, and where patients are going to sit, and say you shouldn’t addimit students when there’s no patients are going to received from, and they recommend again don’t addimit new students before  putting in place the two facilities” they didn’t say they closed the dental school
“For us we comply because we not addimit patients, our business here is teaching, the admission system is with the University management, so when this massage taken to the university, they have a concern why students was already here before their recommendation, if they stopped this students will be legal thing no where students can go and better than Makerere here even Kampala International university (KIU) was sending there students here to train, and it can work, Makerere dental school never forever closed either in 2015 or to date” Said Okullo
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