By Kabuye Ronald
Democratic party DP president Norbert Mao has criticized Forum for Democratic Change FDC over their letter to the speaker of parliament claiming for the two East African Legislative Assembly EALA opposition slots. According to Mao’ Nandala Mafabi’s in his capacity as the FDC secretary general’ letter to the Speaker on EALA explains why FDC was apprehensive about Mbidde’s candidature. They did everything to frustrate it and deployed their Fifth Columnists in DP to do their dirty work of destroying Mbidde through character assassination and abusing NEC as an institution. Fortunately NEC saw through this. Now with their self conceited letter, they egoistically present themselves as “the opposition” in parliament. True they are the official opposition but the highest number of non NRM members in parliament are independents, followed by FDC, DP and UPC. All parties that are not NRM are considered opposition. Yet independents who almost double the number of party MPs are competing for one slot. FDC can’t get 100 percent of the opposition slots because they’re not 100 percent of the opposition! The purpose of the EALA election process is to ensure that FDC, DP, and UPC compete for the 2 opposition slots (which formula the FDC now curiously accepts). Those three opposition parties represent a shade of opinion. Of the three one party will go empty handed. Infact since FDC and DP have a joint shadow government they represent a shade of opinion. Since on account of his profile and EALA experience, Mbidde is the strongest opposition candidate, that means he serves The National Interest best. EALA is not just about shades of opinions and partisan interests. It’s also about The National Interest. And Mbidde is indispensable on that account. That makes him a constant like the “mathematical pi”. This is why Mbidde is FDC’s biggest nightmare. This should explain the desperate tone of Nandala Mafabi’s letter on the EALA elections. FDC will now have to learn Kennedy’s lesson that “we must not fear to negotiate and not negotiate out of fear”. If FDC was wise, it would lead a negotiation process that would at least guarantee it a seat. By trying to negotiate without grounding it’s demands on a clear principle of the EAC Treaty FDC faces a dilemma. No wonder it is now counting on a sympathy vote! Yet NRM, ever tricky, now claims that under its unfair lion’s share of six slots it will offer an umbrella to cover women, youth, and PWDs. It is going to be an interesting week. This should now explain why the DP leadership has to field it’s strongest, most reliable and most feared striker – Fred Denis Mukasa Mbidde, the DP Vice President and Chair of EALA’s most powerful committee.


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