MARO Gives Up On Managing Himself


If there is anyone who wants this year to end, it’s none other than Ronald Magada aka Maro; mainly for two reasons.

His car was stolen a few weeks back and that he is hiring a new manager in January.

After managing himself for over a year now, Maro has bowed down to the pressure and has started looking for a person who can manage his musical career starting next year.

He wants someone who will book for him gigs, schedule interviews, advise him on certain matters to do with music and propel his career further.

He posted on his social media platform:

“2018. I am hiring a manger. Email”

Before Maro started managing himself, he had a manager in his ‘Humble Management’ label but the two fell out after the manager took all the proceeds from a concert they had organised in Jinja two years back and from then, he promised himself never to have a manager until now.


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