Massive mobilization from opposition forces Police to postpone blood donation event



By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Following the opposition Forum Democratic Change FDC massive mobilization of the public to join police in the blood donation which was slated on Friday 2nd March at City square to be postponed until further notice without giving reasons.

The postponement has attracted mixed reactions from opposition politicians’ especially female activists including the FDC national mobilization secretary Ingrid Turinawe and the DP Buganda region vice president and co-MP Mukono municipality Betty Nambooze Bakireke.

The cancelling has been communicated through a social media police post which has left these political figures lamenting and vowing to storm the venue inspite of police’s plead to them not to continue their mobilization campaign.

“This is to inform the public that the blood donation exercise that was to take place tomorrow 2/3/2018, in celebration of the international women’s day has been postponed. A later date will be communicated” Police notice read

In a reaction post by Ingrid, this FDC iron lady claims that it’s a short notice and can not deter them from mobilizing the public hence appealing to Nambooze not to dare fail to reach to the venue tomorrow.
“Its short notice, let’s continue to mobilize. Madam Teacher, let’s be at the venue without fail” Igrid post responding to police reads.
Nambooze has dismissed police’s postponement because she had mobilized all activists to come and donate hence she will be leading a group to the venue.
“I cant accept this’ we had postponed all other activities to come to donate blood…we cant take” Nambooze vows in her post.

Police has however responded and wonders why Ingrid and the group is insisting. “But we have postponed, Ingrid Turinawe why continue with the mobilization” Police wondered.

Cancelling the blood donation exercise organized by police has left many Ugandans whether  the blood donation campaign has become political because whenever oppositions especially from the FDC join in the exercise flops under unclear circumstances.

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