By Ronald Kabuye
The Buganda premier Owekitibwe Charles Peter mayiga has justified with six reasons his appeal for the special land court with a specified time frame to handle disputes on land where government seeks to take over for its projects.
Mayiga revealed this while meeting with all the gombolola and county chiefs and their deputies at muganzilwazza katwe as one of the ways of chatting a way forward on improving their work and motivating them.
Mayiga says that compulsory take over as the cases are pending in court of laws will instead increase the criminality, mob justice, fraud and cost government much in payment terms.
He cited weaknesses and loopholes in police especially when it comes to investigations,  fraud and lack of transparency in the courts of judicature,   fraud in land offices, population increase with the same land, politicians and public servants who are involved in the land theft as some of the major causes of land wrangles hence the only solution is forming a special court that can handle such disputes the expeditiously.
Mayiga said vowed not to support developments that are anti people.
” well as welcome development but that development shouldn’t be anti people, instead of depositing money in the courts of law create special court with in a time frame to disposal off the matter” said mayiga.
In the same way mayiga appealed to the gombolola and county chiefs to know, understand and execute their responsibilities diligently and to always follow the procedures.
Also urged them not to lament about the challenges but rather find solutions to them by coming with a proper plan on how to go about their work.
Some of the gombolola chiefs also complained about their delayed annual 10% of the revenue they collect from saling various products from majestic brands at gombolola level as the money to help run their programmes.
Some if the gombolola have spent three to two years without getting the money.
However Mayiga promised to work on the matter soonest.


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